Executive MBA - Juxtaposition book by Kerry Plemmons

About Professor Kerry Plemmons

Kerry Plemmons has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience with success in launching and running small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. and Mexico. Since joining Daniels full time in 2004, Plemmons has consulted to senior executives at MillerCoors, Environmental Chemical Corporation (ECC), Microsoft, DMB Development Company, Janus Capital Group, Monte Vista Cooperative, Anadarko Oil, DCP, Intrado, First Data Corporation, Western Union and more.

About the book Juxtapositions

"Most organizations need a revolution—a kind and gentle revolution to create a strong cultural focus, where imagination leads to strategies that are implemented because they align with the organizational mission, and where the individuals are rewarded and recognized. This is simple, but rarely done effectively. Juxtapositions offers a model for building wild success throughout the entire organization by examining the components of thriving systems and the mild success of unhealthy organizations.
Juxtapositions aims to transform frustrated leaders into gentle revolutionaries and provides a blueprint that will guide them on a journey to wild success. Being a revolutionary means thinking beyond imposed constraints and crossing the ridge without knowing what lies on the other side. That might mean driving a Prius with a gun rack, adding a side of tofu to the rib eye, and ticking off the bureaucrats. Juxtapositions pushes leaders to embrace a little risk to proactively design wildly successful organizations."

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